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Play team awarded the Bristol Standard Quality Improvement for Play

Last updated: 31/07/2020
The play team at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, has successfully been awarded the Bristol Standard Quality Improvement for Play Provision Certificate, following the completion of the Bristol Standards.

The Bristol Standard is recognised nationally as an outstanding self-evaluation framework and the benefits and impact of its approach have been well evidenced. Through team reflection and discussion, the strengths of the setting are celebrated and future priorities become clear. The Bristol Standard enables practitioners to talk more knowledgeable about what they do, why they do it and the difference it is making for children and families in their care.

The Bristol Standard has been acknowledged by the National Quality Improvement Network (NQIN) for using the Quality Improvement Principles to underpin the framework. The NQIN is a specialist body that supports quality improvement, managers and policy makers working in early years, play and extended services to improve outcomes for children and their families, by providing an extensive range of peer support, practice development, leadership and guidance.

This is an ongoing process with a yearly validation. The play team will submit evidence of good practice every year, on a 3 year cycle. The submission is validated by a team of experienced local authority validators, representing a range of play settings who check that the criteria have been met.

Julie Fisher, play team manager, said: “As a team we have enthusiastically engaged with the Bristol Standard for play to provide a framework for progression. As the first hospital based play team to take on the play standard, we are chuffed to bits. The team are looking forward to achieving the targets we have set ourselves for the next year to improve play provision for children and their families within the hospital”

Members of the play team added: "The Bristol Standard has helped us to reflect on both the positive aspects of our practice and areas that need improvement. It has been an encouraging and motivating means of reflective practice.The biggest benefit of the Bristol Standard is that as we continue to develop our practice all children that enter the hospital will have the best possible experience."