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Children’s consultant thanks colleagues after COVID-19 recovery

Last updated: 23/07/2020

As part of our regular #ThankYouThursday social media feature, this week’s message comes from a member of staff who wanted to say a very special and personal thank you.

Dr Dan Magnus is a consultant in paediatric emergency medicine at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, and earlier this year he contracted coronavirus. Looking back at his experience of the virus, Dan wanted to thank all those who supported him through his recovery.

“Three months ago I was discharged from UHBW after going 'toe-to-toe' with COVID-19. My heart is still full of love for the family, friends, colleagues and NHS staff who saved me. I haven’t spoken that openly about it but here are a few reflections.

“Before I got sick I witnessed incredible bravery at work and at home as we prepared for what was to come. Inspiring preparation and commitment from all the NHS staff I know, I even had to leave my family to live in a hotel for a bit.

“Then I got up close and personal with COVID-19. Fever, difficulty breathing, hypoxia and admission to hospital. I remember feeling scared and alone. My sats kept alarming in the 80s, I was moved to HDU and news stories of NHS staff succumbing to the virus kept whizzing round my head.

“But the UHBW staff who cared for me were heroic. All of them. And my amazing Bristol Royal Hospital for Children colleagues too, who kept me going with their support. Thanks to them I recovered and was discharged home.

“I was home. I had missed my family more than I can say. It was my dad's birthday and he said it was 'the best birthday present he could have wished for.' My eyes were full of tears and my heart full of love. I had so much to be thankful for.

“After building up my strength I went back to work, privileged now to be back with my incredible UHBW work family. Time to embrace the new world and look after each other. An uncertain future, but one we will face stronger together. #ThankYouNHS.”

Dan also spoke to BBC Radio Bristol’s Emma Britton about his recovery. You can listen back to his interview online from around 1h25mins in and at 2h20mins: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08jz74c