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Council of Governors

Last updated: 09/05/2023

Governor Elections 2023

Governor Elections Results 2023

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the elections for 2023. The results have been declared and the publicly elected candidates are:

  • Bristol: Mo Phillips, Mary Conn, Janis Purdy and Richard Posner
  • North Somerset: Suzanne Harford, Annabel Plaister and John Rose
  • South Gloucestershire: Tony Tanner
  • Staff - Non-clinical: Sofia Castillo and Jude Opogah

A report of voting is available at this link: here. The South Gloucestershire election was uncontested and the notice is available at this link: here. Look out for more details on our new Governors in our next Foundation Trust newsletter!

A Statement of Nominated Candidates is available at this link: here. Our Notice of Poll is available at this link: here. Our Notice of Election is available at this link: here

The role of the Council of Governors

Because we are a Foundation Trust, we have a Council of Governors. Governors play a key role at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust in helping to guide the development of services, holding the non-executive directors to account, representing the views of members, and undertaking a range of statutory duties such as the appointment of the chair and non-executive directors. Most governors are elected from the Foundation Trust membership. These elected governors reflect the interests of the community and represent their members when key decisions are taken at the Trust.

Meet the Governors

We have 29 Governors in total, which includes 17 Public Governors, six Appointed Governors from local stakeholders and six Staff Governors. A poster of our Governors is currently being updated and will be available soon. Foundation Trust members can ask governors to raise issues at the Trust on their behalf. If you would like to contact the Governors or have any questions about Foundation Trust membership, please email the Membership Office at foundationtrust@uhbw.nhs.uk, call 0117 342 3764, or write to Corporate Governance, Trust HQ, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust, Marlborough Street, Bristol BS1 3NU. A register of interests, which includes our governors, is on our Reports and Publications page.

Council of Governors meetings

We will no longer be live-streaming our Council of Governors meetings on their allotted dates below. Members of the public who wish to observe a meeting via a video link can do so using the YouTube links which will be posted to this page 48 hours after the meeting is held. All papers will continue to be published on this page prior to the meeting date and members of the public are invited to submit questions to the Council of Governors in line with the Trust’s normal process. Please be advised recordings will only be available for two weeks after the meeting.

Our Council of Governors meetings are open to all Foundation Trust Members, members of staff, and members of the public. Please note you are still able to ask questions of the Council of Governors by emailing them before the meeting to foundationtrust@uhbw.nhs.uk and we will endeavour to answer your question during the meeting or provide a written response after the meeting. 

This year's Council of Governors meetings are as follows:

  • Tuesday 18 April 2023.This meeting will be held from 15.45-17.30 at Lecture Theatre 2 and 3, Education Centre, Upper Maudlin Street, Bristol, BS2 8HW. Papers are available here, additional papers here. The recording of this meeting is available here.

  • Next meeting date: TBC

Council of Governors meetings for 2023/2024 are:

  • Friday 27 May 2022 at 2.30pm-4.30pm - Papers can be accessed here, additional papers here.
  • Tuesday 9 August 2022 at 3.15-5pm (note later time): Papers can be accessed here; additional papers here.
  • Tuesday 13 December 2022 at 1.30pm - 3.15pm: Papers can be found here (the Marlborough Hill Strategic Outline Case in full is available here, and the IQPR in full is available here). 
  • Wednesday 22 February at 1.30pm-3.15pm. This meeting will be held in the Conference Suite, Future Inn Bristol, Bond Street South, Bristol. Papers can be found here

Council of Governors Updates to Foundation Trust Members

Every month, the Council of Governors write an update to Foundation Trust members on the things they have been involved in and send them to members as part of the monthly e-newsletter. If you are interested in hearing about what the Trust and the Governors have been up to, become a member and receive the full e-newsletter. Below are the recent Council of Governors updates for you to see what they have been involved in!

January 2023 +

This month’s Governor report comes from one of our Public Governors for Bristol.

My name is Mo Phillips and I have been a governor of University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust (UHBW) for nearly 6 years. A belated Happy New Year to all our readers, including our members, governors, and of course the staff that work at the Trust.

Governors are mainly tasked with representing the interests of the public and holding the Non-Executive Directors individually and collectively to account for the overall performance of the Trust Board. Recent issues that have been highlighted as concerns to governors are varied, but include patient waiting lists and discharge, mandatory training, staff wellbeing, and estate facilities. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, recovery of both staff and patient waiting lists has been a high priority for the Trust, and these are just a few examples!

Election planning for new governors is taking place in 2023 and please look out for further updates in February and March. Think about becoming a governor – it’s a fascinating role and we always need new faces round the table. We also have a number of staff governors whose input is invaluable. Becoming a governor provides the opportunity to question and challenge and get answers. Why not give it a go?

Governors also take part in a variety of activities; Health Matters Events take place regularly and the next one is “The Importance of Vaccine Research” on Thursday, 2nd March 2023 at 5.30pm-7pm online.  More information is available in the newsletter below. Other governors are getting involved with the Trust’s “Recognising Success Awards” for its staff, whilst others take part in recruitment panels for senior appointments. We also attend seminars given by staff from different disciplines so those of us without a medical background get a better understanding of the variety of work and research carried out at UHBW.

Don’t forget, as Foundation Trust members you can raise issues with the governors who represent you and you can contact the Corporate Governance Team with any further queries you might have around becoming a governor. You can email us at FoundationTrust@UHBW.nhs.uk  or write to us at: Corporate Governance Team, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust, Trust Headquarters, Marlborough Street, Bristol, BS1 3NU. We look forward to hearing from you!”

December 2022 +

This month’s Governor report comes from one of our Public Governors for Bristol.

My name is Robert Edwards and I am in my first term of office as an elected Public Governor for Bristol at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust (UHBW).  I would like to thank each and every one of you who voted in the May 2022 elections which provided me with the opportunity to speak on behalf of Patients and Staff within Bristol and the surrounding area. I have spent my first five months learning and understanding the role of the governor, and the complexities that goes with it. 

From attending our various governor meetings and Health Matters Events, I have learned a great deal about the NHS overall and especially how our hospital operates against the key performance indicators, how it follows its strategic vision and how it is mitigating its key risks. I am in awe of the dedication that makes #TeamUHBW. Through attending these meetings, I have developed a keen interest in the new Integrated Care System (ICS) and how it is joining forces with other healthcare providers within our region. It is clear that COVID-19 is still causing many people to be hospitalised, as well as influenza, and the cold weather alert that was issued by the MET Office in December is also a concern. Healthcare leaders are urging residents to stay warm, get vaccinated for COVID-19 and Flu, and look out for each other at this difficult time. I hold staff wellbeing close to my heart and I am pleased to see the excellent wellbeing support that is available for the Trust’s staff, which will be especially important for them during this winter period.

You can find out more information on the latest regional healthcare news at HealthierTogether who work to improve health and wellbeing, reduce inequalities, and provide integrated services for the one million people living in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.. The Partnership is about tackling the issues that matter most to the region and finding ways to continue to provide safe, high-quality care for generations to come.

To help Governors to help you, and reflect your views and needs, it is essential that we hear from you, the people we represent. If you have any views or questions, please contact us through the Membership Office at foundationtrust@uhbw.nhs.uk

And finally, on behalf of everyone involved in the Council of Governors, I would like to wish each and every one of you Seasons Greeting and a wonderful New Year filled with hope, joy and peace.”

October 2022 +

This month’s Governor report comes from one of our Public Governors for North Somerset, who had a recent stay in Weston General Hospital and reflected on his time as an inpatient.

“I recently suffered an acute sepsis attack in my 15-month-old replacement knee and spent a just over a week in Weston Hospital. I was invited to present my experience to UHBW`s last Board meeting and would like to reflect to you also.

Although I was warned about a two hour arrival time, the ambulance arrived within 20 minutes! I had a 10-minute wait in the ambulance, was taken into the Emergency Department (ED) and triaged within another 10 minutes, and so began my night in ED. Over the next six hours I was seen by a number of staff – blood samples taken, pain killers and antibiotics swallowed, and it was confirmed I had an acute attack of sepsis. At 10.00pm ED began to quieten down – and at midnight my daughter went home, and I was settled into a cubicle for the night.

Reflecting on my time in ED and knowing that I was in the right place, at the right time with the right medical support around me – I was able to “step back“ as a Governor and reflect on my surroundings. What I saw was an operational process, yes one that was under considerable pressure, but with a playbook that was being followed for each patient.

My knee clean-out operation went off OK, and I was transferred to the converted Day Ward for the remainder of my week-long stay in hospital. I can confirm 100% that I experienced no real issues or concerns in hospital.  I saw a wide variety of staff (nurses / junior doctors / support staff / Physio staff) but my medical file kept the continuity going.  All of the Hospital staff who came to my bedside explained who they were, why they had come, what they wished to do or questions to be asked, and I never wondered what was going on.

I have seen and experienced the very professional dedication to their jobs within the Hospital of all staff I came in contact with whilst I was resident in ED and on the Day Ward. The fellowship and camaraderie of an ever changing Team UHBW in both places, working together, offering support, and helping each other when requested or recognised – often with a joke and a laugh, relieving the obvious time and work load pressures was plain to see.”

September 2022 +

This month’s Governor report comes from one of our Public Governors for North Somerset.

"Hi, my name is John Rose and I am a Public Governor representing UHBW members and the general public, particularly of North Somerset. I am one of three North Somerset Governors; Bristol has nine and South Gloucestershire has three. I was elected from amongst North Somerset members and hope to be elected again next May for my final permitted tenure.

Our aim is to bring a public perspective to the leadership of UHBW and to raise issues that we believe are important to the people we represent. We cannot take up individual cases, but we can question the processes that may have surrounded events that we become aware of. One such issue that we are focussing on is the flow of patients through the hospital, from patients fit to leave but without a safe place to be discharged to, through the system, to admissions via the Emergency Department (A&E). Other areas of our focus include the transport and travel to and from the various hospitals (up and down the hills!), and communication with the hospital for a wide range of reasons.

We raise questions on the Trust staffing and wellbeing, quality and performance, finance, risks, strategies, the estate, and their activity within the new area wide Integrated Care System (the ICS). The ICS is intended to solve many of the issues that beset our healthcare service and so it is important that we and you understand its place in keeping us all healthy and well.

There are many ways to contact the Governors, from emailing the Corporate Governance Team, to visiting us at various events. We held a “Meet your Governors” event at Weston General Hospital earlier this year, where we were able to hear from you directly, and have raised appropriate questions since with UHBW leadership. We plan to replicate these events in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, so please do keep an eye on our Membership News and Events section for more information. Our next Health Matters event has been rescheduled for Thursday 6 October in Bristol and that gives another opportunity for us to meet with you and hear how you feel. Make sure you book your space to hear about how we are working with the ICS to create an opportunity to be treated at home instead of in hospital!

Finally, our Annual Members Meeting had to be rescheduled from 15 September and will now be held on Tuesday 11 October at 5.00-7.00pm in City Hall, College Green, Bristol. See below for details on how to join either online or in person.

We look forward to seeing you.”

August 2022 +

This month we had a letter from the Trust Chair.

I hope this letter finds you safe and well.
I am writing to invite you to the Trust’s Annual Members’ Meeting/Annual General Meeting, which we are holding at the Conference Hall, City Hall, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR. At the meeting, which will take place on Thursday 15 September 2022 at 5.00pm-7.00pm, the Board of Directors and Council of Governors will present a review of the year 2021/22 and we will hear about the Trust’s Arts and Culture Team and their innovative work over the year to make our hospitals a brighter place. As a member, this is also your chance to put questions to our Board and I would like to encourage you to do so. We would love to see in person, however if we will also be streaming it online if you would prefer to watch it from home. If you would like to come to the meeting please email FoundationTrust@uhbw.nhs.uk or call 0117 342 3764.
If you would like to find out more about the Trust’s year, our Annual Report and Accounts for 2021/22, which will be presented at the meeting, is available on our website: https://www.uhbw.nhs.uk/p/about-us/reports-and-publications.
The past year has once again been dominated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  For much of the early part of the year, the focus of our staff – like the rest of the NHS – was very much on the response to the pandemic. Whilst we continue to be vigilant over COVID-19, our focus has turned to working through the waiting lists of patients as quickly and safely as possible. We don’t underestimate the impact on our patients of having a planned appointment rescheduled or postponed. We would again like to thank our patients and their relatives for their understanding and support. Reducing the backlog has, and continues to be, a focus for the Trust, and we are working together with our partners across the health and care system to do this.
During the year we continued to integrate our hospitals in Bristol and Weston following our merger to become UHBW in April 2020. This included integrating and bringing together teams from our Bristol and Weston sites, as well as developing our new shared Trust Values, which are that we will be supportive, respectful, innovative and collaborative. We hope these Values truly reflect who we are as an organisation and how we should go about our daily work as individuals and teams at UHBW. Alongside this work, the second phase of Healthy Weston, which aims to secure Weston General Hospital as a thriving and sustainable hospital at the heart of the Weston community, also started to take shape. You will hear more about this over the coming year.
Another area where we are committed to playing our part, is in sustainability and helping to tackle climate change and its effects on the health of our population. In 2019 we joined with our partners at North Bristol NHS Trust to declare a climate emergency and pledge our commitment to be more sustainable, and during 2021/22 we reaffirmed this commitment. For example, 2021 and into 2022 we switched off our old steam system and moved to low carbon district heating, which will cut our gas use by 9,732,011kWh, amounting to a huge saving of 1,701.65 tonnes of CO2 per year.
Our governors continue to play a key part in helping us to grow and adapt. As a member, you can vote for governors and even stand for election as governor yourself – which I’d like to encourage you to consider.
Finally, I would like to thank you as Foundation Trust members for your continuing support for our Trust. It is greatly appreciated.
Yours sincerely,
Jayne Mee, Chair of UHBW

July 2022 +

This month’s Governor report comes from one of our Public Governors for Bristol.

"Hi.  My name is Martin Rose and I am just starting my second term of office as an elected Public Governor for Bristol at UHBW.  I would like to thank each and every one of you who voted in the elections and for returning me for a second term.  It is a sad time because we have lost some great people from the Council of Governors.  You cannot help but become friends as we work so closely together in unusual circumstances.  There is good news though, in that as we lose Governors, we gain new Governors, with fresh eyes and new ideas.  This process keeps things fresh and helps the Trust evolve and avoid becoming stagnant. 

Coming soon, we have our next ‘Health Matters’ event focussing on the environment. This is an opportunity to come together and over various subjects, meet your Governors over a cup of tea or coffee.  If you are free, we would love to see you on Tuesday 26th July 2022 between 5.30pm – 7.00pm.  The event takes place in the Education and Research Centre, opposite The Bristol Royal Hospital for Children on Upper Maudlin Street in Bristol.  We can’t wait to see you!

And finally, some sad news.  Sarah Murch, who has worked for the Trust for 10 years in the membership office and was promoted to Membership Manager two years ago, is leaving us on Tuesday 9th of August to start a new chapter in her life.  We shall all miss her so much!  Speaking for myself, Sarah has been massively supportive of me.  Being a Disabled Governor, Sarah makes my role possible, making accessibility of primary importance.  So, I would like to thank Sarah from the bottom of my heart and wish her well in her new career.


June 2022 +

This month’s Governor report comes from one of our Public Governors for Bristol.

"My name is Mo Phillips and I have had the privilege of being a Public Governor for Bristol for 4 years.

We have recently said goodbye to a number of Governors who have reached the end of their term and they leave with huge thanks for their contributions over the years. Any organisation needs new blood, and we welcome a total of nine new Governors, both public and staff who will bring different ideas and fresh eyes to the Council of Governors.

Last week we held a development seminar for new Governors, also attended by our new Chief Executive, Eugine Yafele who provided an outline of his plans for the development of the Trust. Exciting times ahead!

Although we are approaching the holiday season, Governors continue with our various meetings, raising issues and challenging the Non-executive Directors on numerous issues. We can meet face-to-face in the Trust now, which builds relationships and is especially important for new Governors to get to know people.

Governors are watching to see how the Integrated Care System (ICS) evolves when it achieves its legal status, which is expected in July. More collaboration between Providers across the system at all levels should help facilitate improved access to healthcare services. As yet, it is not clear what role Governors will be expected to play in the ICS, so we await further news with interest.

I wish all our new Governors the best of luck …and may the current sunshine continue!"

May 2022 +

This month’s Governor report comes from one of our Public Governors for Bristol.

"Thank you to everyone who voted in the governor elections and congratulations to newly-elected governors who take up their posts on 1 June. Along with seven colleagues I will be stepping down, having served the maximum term of nine years.
Throughout my tenure I have tried to act in the best interests of all patients by putting forward their views and asking questions on their behalf while holding the Board to account.  Having originally been elected to the Carers’ Constituency, I have done my best to represent carers and adult patients with multiple, complex needs.
My priorities have always been to improve the patient experience for everyone, including the most vulnerable, and to emphasise the importance of listening to carers. I believe in an NHS that is free at the point of delivery. I would like to see a diverse Trust membership that better represents the patient demographic. It was a pleasure working with Robert Woolley, former Chief Executive, who guided staff so ably throughout the pandemic. I have great hopes for our new Chief Executive, Eugine Yafele.
Over the past two years there have been unprecedented system pressures and I am humbled by the way our amazing workforce has shown such commitment, including those seconded to new roles, working tirelessly in teams supported by incredible leaders and a supportive executive. We are forever in their debt but frontline staff morale has been impacted. With continuing pressures, the timely discharge of patients remains a challenge. Although we are working with our local health and care partners, it is to be hoped that the forthcoming Integrated Care System will further help alleviate these pressures."

April 2022 +

This month’s Governor report comes from one of our Public Governors for North Somerset.

"It is now a whole year since I was elected as a Governor to represent North Somerset residents. I was fortunate to have previously been a member and then Chair of the Patients Council at Weston Hospital. This gave me some valuable insight into the NHS and the running of a hospital, leading me to watch all the Board Meetings and Governors Meetings online during the first and second lockdowns. Since the merger to become one Trust, the Patients Council has morphed into the Patient Focus Group – representing patients views regarding Weston General Hospital. The group meets frequently to discuss the care received at Weston General Hospital, and more information can be provided by emailing foundationtrust@uhbw.nhs.uk.

COVID-19 is still causing many people to be hospitalised, including a surprising amount of children, and a large percentage of staff are also isolating. With this in mind, and in line with national guidelines, our meetings have all been online and reduced to essential business, allowing remaining staff to deal with the day-to-day running of our hospitals. Whilst its rather odd that I haven’t met some of my fellow Governors in person, online meetings do save time and travelling. We have been continuing with our regular meetings and this month we had our quarterly Governor Development Seminar where we discussed sustainability and membership engagement, and our informal meetings and Non-Executive Director engagement sessions allowed us to seek assurance from Board members regarding a range of items around the hospitals. As a Foundation Trust Member, you are welcome to make contact with any Governors to ask questions which we can take forward on your behalf. Just email foundationtrust@uhbw.nhs.uk with your question and the Governing body will look in to it for you.

Our new Chief Executive, Eugine Yafele, joins us in a few weeks, and, alongside other new members of our Executive team, it feels like we have a continuing strong leadership to move the Trust forward.

I am really pleased to see a long term and exciting future for Weston General Hospital. The merger has offered our local hospital stability and with more services being fully integrated each month. New staff have been employed across both sites which strengthens our teams in both Weston and Bristol and shares good practice. The Healthy Weston Consultation is now moving to the next stage – Healthy Weston: Phase 2, and I am delighted to sit on the Clinical Design and Delivery Panel, with the next public consultation in a few months. I am passionate about the exciting future of our local hospital and look forward to sharing more information with you in the near future. In the last few months Knightstone Ward has opened at Weston Hospital. This will begin as a ward to help catch up on orthopaedic surgery which is a local speciality. We hope to see the ward flourish and some patient waiting times come down in time.

We have 3 Governors representing North Somerset and our hope is to arrange a ‘meet your Governor’ event locally during June. More information on this will follow, but it would be lovely to meet you."

March 2022 +

This month’s Governor report comes from one of our Public Governors for North Somerset.

"As I write this UHBW Governor’s report, news of the Ukraine situation has taken over the top spot TV news item from COVID reporting. The NHS will be playing its part in caring for Ukrainian children with an ongoing medical condition who have arrived in the UK.

Governors continue to carry out our own NHS hospital duties, with additional change happening all around us. In December we appointed, on a permanent basis, Jayne Mee as the new Trust Chair, and we are in the process of saying ‘goodbye and many thanks’ to Robert Woolley, our long-serving Chief Executive Officer of 12 years – who will leave on 30 March and who has kept the Trust in good financial health and achieved two ‘Outstanding’ Care Quality Commission ratings.  Soon we will be welcoming our new CEO Eugine Yafele from Dorset HealthCare University Foundation Trust, where he too achieved a CQC ‘Outstanding’ rating. Our previous UHBW Trust Chair, Jeff Farrar, is now Board Chair of the new Integrated Care System (ICS) across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. Another member of the UHBW Board, Non-Executive Director Steve West, will be leaving us on 31 March to join him on the Integrated Care Board – so UHBW will have some strong links with the new ICS, and we will all watch this space, whilst your Council of Governors set about recruiting new Non-Executive Directors for UHBW’s Board.

In the meantime, though we will hopefully soon come out of COVID, current reports are indicating a bit of a surge. Following national NHS pandemic guidance in place from January to March, UHBW`s Governor and Board meetings have been operating to a cut-down agenda but have continued to take place. Governors have held recent meetings of all of our three Governor Groups (focussing on Membership and Constitutional issues, Strategy, and Quality) as well as our more informal meetings with the Non-Executive Directors.

In our world of transformational change that we are currently experiencing, I often quote the following...Winston Churchill said: ‘To improve is to change, but to be perfect is to change often’, Heraclitus said: ‘There is nothing perfect except change’, and finally Walt Disney commented that ‘Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim focused on the future’.

Today, I can confidently say that how the future came about will be reported tomorrow."

February 2022 +

This month’s Governor report comes from one of our Public Governors for Bristol.

"You will all be aware that our hospitals have been exceptionally busy in recent weeks. As a result, the Trust has been limiting both the number and length of meetings in order to allow staff to concentrate on the challenges of its day-to-day operational priorities. However, with the support of our amazing Membership Team and the Trust Board, Governors have been able to continue to meet virtually for some of our meetings and stay in touch with all Trust activities via regular updates from the Chair alongside all the routine board reports. We have also been kept busy fulfilling other Governor responsibilities in appointing Jayne Mee as our new Chair back in December, being involved in the appointment of a new CEO in January and now planning for the appointment of new Non-Executive Directors in the coming weeks.

It is six years since I first became a Public Governor for Bristol at the Trust and there have been a great many changes during that time both within the Trust and across our wider local healthcare services. There is still much to do to complete the integration process following our merger with Weston and now we will also be working closely with partners across all of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire in the newly formed Integrated Care System that formally comes into being this year. Given the huge challenges to be faced in moving forward from COVID-19 and dealing with the backlog of elective work it really is essential that this further collaboration and integration is successful. As Governors we will be doing everything we can to support these efforts while continuing to monitor performance within UHBW.

It is also incredibly important that we thank all the staff at UHBW for their amazing commitment, resilience and sheer hard work in dealing with the pressures that they have faced over the last two years and continue to face. Their well-being and support will remain key priorities for the Governors in 2022, along with the need to recruit new staff into all vacancies. These issues are regularly reviewed at our Quality Focus Group meetings and raised within our discussions with the Non-executive Directors.

If you have any concerns or queries that you would like to raise with the Governors then please don’t hesitate to contact the Membership Team at the Trust."

January 2022 +

This month’s governor report comes from one of our Public Governors for Bristol.

"Happy New Year!

Most of us will be entering 2022 I’m sure, with optimism that we will have a much greater understanding of COVID-19 and all its variants, and that we can eventually get on with our normal day to day lives once again, whatever that may be.

Coming from a technology background myself, it has been interesting to see the use of video calls being used throughout the NHS.

Currently all our Governor meetings are held online, which does have its benefits in reducing travel times and is also much better for the environment! This will, going forward, also be used much more for consultations and check ups within the medical divisions, again with travel and time benefits for both staff and patients.

Don’t forget that you can also watch UHBW Board Meetings and Council of Governor meetings online, as they are broadcast live on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/UHBristolWestonNHSFT). There are also lots of other videos on our You Tube channel on all sorts of services available, from maternity to cardiac to check out while you are there. 

As you may have seen in the last newsletter, we welcomed Jayne Mee as the new Chair to the Trust in December, after Jeff Farrar stepped down to become Chair of the Integrated Care System Board for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. On behalf of all the governors I would like to wish Jayne every success in her new role.

Finally, don’t forget that there are also Governor elections coming up this year, so if you would like to join us and help shape our hospitals’ future, contact Sarah or Rachel at the membership team for more information on becoming a Governor. The election process starts in March, so to find out more email FoundationTrust@uhbw.nhs.uk."

Previous Council of Governors Elections

The Trust held elections for 14 governor seats in 2022, with nominations open from 2 March - 30 March 2022, voting taking place from 25 April-19 May 2022, and new governors taking up office on 1 June. The results of the 2022 governor elections are here.

The Trust held elections for 11 governor seats in 2021, with nominations open from 4 March - 1 April 2021, voting taking place from 27 April-21 May, and new governors taking up office on 1 June. The results of the 2021 governor elections are here.

For more information about the governor role or the governor elections, please contact the Membership Team on foundationtrust@uhbw.nhs.uk or call 0117 34 23764.