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The Bristol Clean Air Zone is now live

Last updated: 28/11/2022

Bristol City Council introduced a Clean Air Zone on Monday 28 November 2022.

No vehicles are banned from entering the zone, but older and more polluting vehicles have to pay a daily charge. Most vehicles already meet the zone's emission standards and will not be charged.

Our Bristol city centre hospitals are within the zone, so if you are travelling to one of our hospitals it's important you check if you will need to pay the charge.

Temporary exemptions are available for patients visiting our city centre hospitals until 31 March 2023. You do not need to claim an exemption if your vehicle meets the zone's emission standards.


Check if your vehicle will be charged

Use the government's vehicle checker to find out if you will be charged www.gov.uk/clean-air-zones.


Hospital exemptions

If the vehicle you travel in does not meet the Clean Air Zone emission standards, you will be able to register for an exemption on the day of your appointment at one of the Clean Air Zone screens which are located in the main entrances of our hospitals.

The Clean Air Zone charge runs midnight to midnight. If you are staying overnight at the hospital you will have to register the vehicle on both days.

Patients do not have to be the driver of the vehicle and can register more than one vehicle if they are dropped off or picked up by different vehicles.

Patients visiting our emergency departments are also covered by this exemption. The exemption covers a single calendar day (midnight to midnight), so visits that go beyond midnight will need to be registered twice.

You can only register your vehicle for an exemption on the day of your visit whilst at the hospital so please ensure you register your vehicle before leaving your appointment.

Visitors of long-stay patients will be able to request a 7-day exemption if their vehicle does not meet the zone's emissions standards. This request can be made by speaking to a member of staff on the ward.


How to use the on-site Clean Air Zone exemption screens

The Clean Air Zone exemption screens are located in our hospital entrances and at the locations listed below.

How to register:

1. Enter the vehicle registration number and click "next"

2. Check the registration number is correct then click "confirm registration"

3. The vehicle will be automatically exempt from a charge until midnight

The Clean Air Zone charge runs midnight to midnight. If you are staying overnight at the hospital or waiting in one of our emergency departments, you will have to register the vehicle on both days.

View a map of the exemption screen locations.

Find out more about the  Bristol Clean Air Zone

If you need more information on local exemptions for specific groups or vehicles:

Visit www.bristol.gov.uk/cleanairzone to find out about the Clean Air Zone.

Visit www.gov.uk/clean-air-zones to check if your vehicle will be charged.