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Health Matters Events

About Health Matters Events

Health Matters is the Trust's programme of public information and engagement events for Foundation Trust members, staff, and members of the public. If you have any suggestions for topics please let us know by emailing

Our current schedule of events include:

  • POSTPONED: May 2022: Health Matters Event – Eating Disorders, our Hospitals and the Pandemic  (with a panel of speakers from UHBW and AWP)
  • July 2022: Health Matters Event – How Green are our Hospitals? (sustainable development at UHBW – how people can help)
  • Oct 2022: Health Matters Event – Day in the Life of your Hospital Staff (inviting several people in different roles around the hospitals to talk about a typical day)
  • Jan 2023: Health Matters Event - Research and why we do it.

Previously, we have held the following events:

  • Health Matters: Cancer Care: UHBW held an online public information and discussion event on 9 November 2021 about experiences of accessing cancer services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The recording of the presentations can be found here:
  • Annual Members' Meeting: UHBW held its Annual Members Meeting/Annual General Meeting online on Thursday 16 September 2021. At the meeting, Chief Executive Robert Woolley presented the Annual Report and Accounts from 2020-2021, along with Neil Kemsley, Director of Finance and Information. Our Chief Nurse and Midwife Deirdre Fowler provided an update on the Trust’s Quality Objectives for the coming year. We also heard from two of our governors who gave a presentation on governors’ activities in 2020-2021 and their areas of focus for the year ahead, after which we heard from some of our staff who were on the front line during COVID-19 and received questions from our members. A recording of the first 4 presentations (Chief Executive, Director of Finance and Information, Chief Nurse and Midwife, and the Governors) is available on request to
  • Health Matters Event: Learning Disabilities Liaison Provision was an event organised by the Learning Disabilities Liaison Team and the Membership Team on 22 June 2021 to raise awareness of support for people with LD accessing care in our hospitals. The video of this event can be seen here:
  • Health Matters Event: Stroke Awareness was a virtual even that took place on 11 May 2021. It looked at the patient journey from signs and symptoms, through admission and the discharge process, along with additional support from charities such as Stroke Association and Bristol After Stroke. The video of this event can be seen here: